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We are closed for cakes, cupcakes and all other sweet orders - JUST FOR NOW!

Good news, we will continue to offer NEW pop-up items for your holiday celebrations.


Full details to come on our Instagram page, @fillmeupbuttercup


Welcome to Fill Me Up, Buttercup!

Be aware - any New Year's resolutions, diet commitments and meal prep plans are more than likely to end here. You have been warned. It's too late to turn back now.


Fill Me Up, Buttercup! began in 2013 by me, Alana Mammoliti. My love for baking started at birth and grew over the years as I came to realize how food has the power to make people happy. Cupcakes were my first love, but the fluffy cake and sweet icing weren't enough. It was good (I inhaled the whole thing, don't get me wrong) but I needed more. That's when it came to me: fill 'em! Fill them with anything and everything. From fruit preserves to custards, to cookie dough and caramel - all of our cupcakes are not just filled, they are stuffed! 

So go ahead, look around! Feel free to ask me a question or send an order - once you have, let me know what you thought about it! It's all as simple as a click of a button! I'd love to hear from you and I can't wait to bake for you!


Fill Me Up, Buttercup! is a one-man show. Just little ol' me and my kitchen (and country music too!). Because of this, I limit myself to only a handful of orders every week. 


In my kitchen, everything is baked fresh to order, right from scratch - no box mixes or artificial flavourings here. My cupcakes are made with real cream, real butter and only the purest vanilla for the best tasting quality desserts. I put time and passion into every order and that is why I promise to deliver a product that not only looks amazing but tastes (even more) amazing too!

Marble Surface
Marble Surface

We are not a storefront - YET!

For privacy reasons we prefer to keep our exact address disclosed until an order is placed for pickup.

A L L E R G Y  A L E R T

We are NOT a nut-free kitchen. Even though some items do not contain nut products, there is no guarantee that the ingredients and/or equipment used does not carry traces of nuts that may be potentially fatal to you or your guest(s). Please note, non-powdered latex gloves are also worn during baking and decorating.


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